Arfango Firenze

Arfango's round eyes opened to the world in 1902. With a farsighted and sagacious look and thanks to a unique craftsmanship, the brand has gained an international success, with its peak in the 60s and 70s.

The image of the elegant snowy owl, together with its tenacious claws firmly clinging to refined techniques of leather processing dating back to the fifteenth century, accompanies the success story of the brand that today celebrates its rebirth.

With a contemporary line dedicated to new materials (mainly velvet), strong of the same quality and craftsmanship, Arfango overlooks the contemporary scene in the wake of a re-winning update: they are called CO-LABS and are created by activating the unexhausted potential of the brand thanks to intriguing dialogues with creative personalities related to the fashion world.

The first collection by Alberto Moretti is a mix of irony and amusement and has been designed around the image of the XXI century dandy.